Minturn Huller Cooperative now has two portable tarp trailers that farmers may use to cover their stockpiles.
The purpose of Minturn Huller Cooperative, Inc. is to provide "Premium Quality" hulling and shelling services to the Grower Members and to provide a reasonable return to the Members for those services.

We are responsible to produce product with as low of foreign material and low chipped and scratched grades as possible for the product conditions.

Growers are responsible to deliver clean, dry product to the Huller that can be hulled and shelled in the most efficient manner.

Growers are also responsible for inedible damage to their delivered product.

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If you have any questions not answered by the information provided on our website,
contact the Huller office at:
(559)665-1185 or 1(866)-MINTURN (866) 646-8876.

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